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Whether creating performance opportunities for emerging artists, community building through collaborative events, developing new arts programs, and supporting existing arts programs in our local schools, we strive to open doors to new arts experiences for all. We then use the momentum, relationships, and funds raised from these experiences to create new ones – striving to constantly grow and expand the number of people reached, and increase access to the arts at a student, pre-professional, and professional level. We are committed to innovative programs that reach beyond the participants and audience into the community at large. We believe in the power of paying it forward, and the ripple effect of positivity.



In addition to our flagship performance event, Dancescape, we have created in-school dance education programs for elementary and middle school students,  collaborated with the Hammer Museum for their “Close Encounters” program, and provided community dance events in cooperation with Intel.

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“I can’t imagine a year going by and not being a part of Dancescape. It is one of my favorite events of each season because it fills my heart, Vincent’s heart and my dancers’ hearts, reminding us that what we do can truly serve others in a beautiful way.  First and foremost, I know that every dollar raised through Dancescape goes directly to the local school district in Southern California where arts programs are being cut yearly due to the lack of funding. Had I not been exposed to all kinds of art in school, I don’t think I would be where i am today: having the ability and confidence to create stories through dance. Jamie Lynn Gregor has dedicated her life to keeping arts alive in the schools of Southern California by way of her organization DanceScape. Her personal passion for dance & teaching met with her dedication to youth empowerment through the arts has made Dancescape such a vital part of the dance scene here in Southern California. In my 14 years in So Cal, I have never seen the industry respond to a cause the way they do for Jamie’s annual show.

A couple weeks after my company Escape Artists’ first performance at Dancescape (years ago), I received a handwritten letter from a third grader who attended an elementary school in the LA Unified School District. It read, “Dear Alex, Thank you for the crayons that you have donated to our class…” I was profoundly moved- just knowing that by donating our time, creativity and performance, we were able to positively affect the lives of these 8 & 9 year olds- giving them opportunities to find their creative selves. Does it get any better than that!?!? I don’t think so!

“Sometimes we can give monetarily to charities and causes we believe in. And sometimes we can give ourselves and our talents. Both are wonderful. Jamie Lynn has created an organization that is cyclical in nature… By using/giving my creativity, I then can give someone else (who may not otherwise) the opportunity to find theirs. It’s brilliant. She’s brilliant. And I hope to be a part of Dancescape for a long long time.

So to sum it up, it not only feels good to dance for a cause but it is a great reminder that in the midst of life’s hustle & bustle, there is always time to pause and be of service to others. That’s what really matters in the end. – Alex Little, Founder, Escape Artists


“Dancescape is a great outlet for artists to showcase their talent in an elegant and sophisticated environment.  Karmagraphy truly enjoyed working with Jamie and her team as they were nothing but extremely professional and warm. It was a great experience!” -Kavita Rao, Founder/Director, Karmagraphy

“Dancescape has been a highlight in the dance life of my students and studio for the past five years. It is an inspiring and moving evening of dance, community togetherness, and giving that all my students and their families look forward to participating in each year.  As a dance educator and the owner of The Pretenders Studio, a dance and performing arts studio in Santa Monica, I am proud to participate in Dancescape as it gives me the incredible opportunity to further stress one of our studio’s foundational ideals: using the power of dance and the arts to spread happiness, wealth, creativity, and inspired learning.  It is a fabulous show…diverse, exciting, innovative, fun, and charitable. We are so looking forward to the upcoming event and encourage all to join in this moving and powerful experience.” -Lisa Gumenick, Founder/Director, The Pretenders Studio

“From a performer’s point of view, I love Dancescape because as someone who is so passionate about dance but also has a full time job, this show has given me an outlet to do what I still love love love to do. I have met amazing friends through the show that share the same passion (including the almighty Jamie, founder of Dancescape) and to top it off we are giving back to the community. It’s also great to see the younger kids get excited about performing and be exposed to the different types of dance that are brought to the stage. Dancescape is an inspiring organization and one that I hope to continue performing with for many years.” –Joanne Tsang, Comerica Bank

“Jamie has created an awesome win win win… Dancescape is a great platform that brings dancers together to perform in a positive way.  The audience enjoys great entertainment and the payoff for a good cause is invaluable.   We need more events like this that support kids art programs.  It’s wonderful that Jamie makes it happen. Brilliant!!!” –Michelle LeMay, Co-Founder, Groovetemple.TV

“Dancescape has been an outlet for our students at Taft High School to express themselves in an artistic way; which is a dire need in the public school system today.  As an dance educator, Dancescape has assisted in providing hope & motivation to continue the students’ aspirations to speak through movement, and also helps our students learn from professional performers. Dancescape also has given Taft High School Dance program financial backing to continue to create & perform. Thank you Dancescape and Jamie for giving us a wonderful opportunity to grow in the world of dance!!! God Bless.”-Andrea Greene, Dance Educator, Taft High School

“My dance students from Gabriella Charter School have performed in Dancescape for several years.  The years have been a wonderful experience for my 9-12 year old dancers.  They feel proud to share the stage with some of the most prestigious dancers in the industry.  Thank you Dancescape for giving us the opportunity to grow as a dancer and share our passion for dance education!” –Chippy Zuniga-Wassung, Dance Education Coordinator, Gabriella Axelrad Education Foundation

“We are so grateful to Dancescape for their support of students and teachers across southern California. To date, they have given over 3,400 students supplies and resources to learn and practice art, music, and dance in public school. These folks are talented and have a big heart!”  –Julie LaCouture (2009), Senior Director,

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