Cheshire Moon Inc.


Our Mission
The mission of Cheshire Moon is to increase access to arts education and performances.  Through collaborative performance opportunities that give back to the community, we provide platforms for local artists to connect with the public, as well as both support and promote arts education in Los Angeles schools.  We strive to use the arts as a force for change in Southern California.

Our Vision
We believe that art, music, and dance have the power to move people in a unique and exciting way, and we want to help as many people as possible – at any age – to find their artistic voice, and to use it.  Often.

Our Goals

  • Fund at least five public school arts projects per year
  • Provide arts education to at least 100 children per year through the Dancescape Ed Program
  • Develop and draw from local talent to produce quality performance events, showcasing local talent and celebrating the arts
  • Provide job opportunities for qualified artists and performers
  • Provide children the opportunity to perform at prestigious venues on stage with professionals
  • Increase the impact of dance and the arts on the community
  • Foster community building and relationships through collaborative performance events


Tax ID# 80-0731426
Contact: [email protected]