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Cheshire Moon funds various arts projects in Southern California public schools.  Funding can be used for arts materials (musical instruments, dance and theater equipment, arts supplies), field trips to arts performances, after-school arts education programs, and arts projects related to helping children in our public schools.  Funds are often donated through our partnership with, but we will also consider direct requests from educators or program directors.

If you would like to apply for funding for your arts program or project, please submit a typewritten proposal to [email protected].  Your proposal should include the following:

A. Contact Information: Organization Name. Tax ID#. Contact Name. Address. Phone. Email. Website.
B. Amount of Request
C. Description of Program/Project: What will funds from Cheshire Moon be used for?
D. Target Population: Who will benefit from your program/project?  Specify ages and number of students.
E. Goals and Evaluation of Program/Project: What goals will your program/project achieve and how do you plan to measure progress or success?
F. Future Impact: Will the materials or the program be used by future students or benefit other classes?  Please explain.
G. Detailed Program/Project Budget: List materials needed and a breakdown of costs.
H. Additional Funding Sources: Please list any sources of funding that you have obtained or are planning to request, including amount of request.
I. How did you hear about Cheshire Moon?

Priority consideration will be given to schools or programs that have participated in or attended a Dancescape performanceIf nobody from your group has ever been to Dancescape before, email us to find out how to receive two free tickets!

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